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Violet’s messes

5 Jan

She turned one so I guess that means the mess making can commence. She opens drawers and cabinets. Let the fun begin.


Hi mom.


Hey, where’d they all go?


It must have been the dog.


Nora’s Mess of the Day

2 Jul

Today Nora discovered that nail polish is hard to get off skin. Of course, first she had to cover herself in it. She also coated the glovebox of my car. I used up all the fingernail polish remover trying to get that mess off. So while I did that, she and Sawyer attempted to wash the nail polish off her skin with a variety of soaps and wet wipes. My goal for the day was to get strawberry jam made, but so far, it hasn’t happened

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Want some sugar on your cereal?

14 Mar

Nora does.


Rainy Day Mess of the Day

26 Feb

A friend suggested this.  I had my doubts, but it came right off!

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Valentine’s Mess of the Day

10 Feb

I refuse to buy Spongebob valentines for my kids to exchange.  First of all, I can’t believe how much they cost.  Secondly, I hate Spongebob and all that crap.  So depending on my level of ambition, either the kids get crappy dollar store valentines to exchange or they make their own crappy valentines.  This year we went with the latter…

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Now I just have to convince Griffin to do his….

There’s an app for that

30 Jan

Screw Instagram.  What I need is an app that blurs out my kids private parts in pictures.  I am so sick of them doing adorable things of which I can’t take pictures because they are naked.  I realize a simple solution would be clothes, but try talking my kids into it.

For example:

Nora.  Goldbond is for feet.  Not hair.

Nora. Goldbond is for feet. Not hair.

Literally Red Handed

24 Jan

My dear Nora.

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