Violet’s No Cry No Sleep Solution

5 Sep

Top 10 ways to stay awake in the middle of the night.

10.  Downward dog, then stick your butt up and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
9. Flap your arms.
8. Kick your legs.
7. Hum. Squeal. Hum. Giggle.
6. Blow raspberries.
5. If near to the momma, crawl on the momma and smoosh her face with your face.  Suck on her nose if you’d like.
4. Shake the pacifier, chew on the wrong end, rattle it against side of the crib.
3. Suck on your toes.
2. Pinch the momma or dadda’s lips, nose, cheeks, neck, arms, and chest.
1. Smack, smack, smack the momma or the dadda.


Here’s me practicing numbers 4, 8, and 9.  Maybe I’ll let the momma sleep tomorrow night.  Haha, I kid, I kid.

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