Real life

22 May

My favorite people are the ones who are real, blunt, and honest.  It’s hard to be a parent.  The demands of life are crazy.  So to that end, I’m going to be honest about what things look like around here.  It’s a mess all the time.  Some people over exaggerate when they describe their house as messy, so I’ll share some pictures I just took of the norm around here so you can see how messy it is.


The living room isn't too bad.


The dining room isn't horrible either.


The kitchen.


The dryer appears to have thrown up several baskets of laundry.


The kids room. It's a fire hazard.


Our bedroom.

I must explain the laundry protocol.  The clean ones are by the dryer or in a basket in the bedroom.  Dirty ones are lying on the floor everywhere.  If you need clothes, you dig through the pile until you find something.  It will be wrinkly.  You can put it in the dryer with a wet washcloth to get the wrinkles out because the iron hasn’t seen daylight in years. 

Do you feel any better about your house now?  Good!


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