23 Oct

11:00 pm  Zombie noises from the kids’ room. Sawyer moaning, something about his arm not being covered by the blanket. Cover back up, go back to bed.

12:00 am  “Mom. Mom. MOOOOOMMMMMMM!” Sawyer says his head hurts. Attempt to give tylenol. Kid gags on liquid purple goo and spits it everywhere. Attempt to catch it all with my hand so I don’t have to try to clean the sticky mess up later. And the kid is already wearing his clothes for tomorrow.  It’s easier to dress him before bed than in the morning. Hopefully I wiped up most of the purple goo before it got on everything. Cover kid back up and hope that this is the last time for the night.

1:00 am  More zombie noises. Get up. Noise stops before I make it to the room. Lay back down. More moaning, maybe it’ll stop on it’s own. Please god let it stop. It doesn’t stop. Get back up. Don’t want moaning kid to wake up other two sleeping kids. Yes, they all share the same room. Don’t ask, it is a long story. Ask Sawyer what is wrong. Mumbles. Struggles with blankets. More mumbling. Kid, what do you want? The answer I get is “star”. Then he rolls over and quiets. Back to bed for me.

2:00 am  More grumbles, moaning, and zombie noises. Sawyer is up AGAIN. Try to ignore it and hope it goes away. No such luck. What is wrong now Sawyer? Mumble, mumble, something about the blanket not being in the right spot. Mumble, mumble, pantomime, wave arms. Thrash, thrash, wave arms, mumble, mumble. I cover him back up and he settles. Please god, let me sleep.

Finally, I get a 4 hour stretch of sleep before Jeff’s alarm clock goes off. It is going to be a long day.


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