An announcement?

23 Sep

So I guess I was supposed to make some big elaborate announcement.

I’m pregnant. It’s a girl.

I guess that as soon as I knew, I was supposed to post some picture of a bun in an oven and see if anyone could figure out what I was referencing. Or I could have just gone straight forward and posted a picture of some pee on a stick with a plus sign. I’ve heard that friends on Facebook really, really like to see pictures of other people’s pee.

Now that we know it’s a girl, I guess I need some pink balloons to release. Or a cake with pink icing on the inside. Better yet, I could have gotten one of those paintings on my big pregnant belly showing that it’s a girl. You know, something like this:

Pregnant woman with painted belly

But pinker.

It’s really just not my style though. Even with my first kid I didn’t go that overboard. I just told people. “Hey, guess what? I’m pregnant!”. That’s pretty much as elaborate as you are going to get from me. Now this poor baby already has 4th child syndrome. She’ll be lucky if she gets any pictures take of her, blah, blah, blah. She’ll probably be scarred for life because I never did some big announcement. If you’ve seen me lately, well, I guess you already know I’m pregnant since I’m 25 weeks already. If you haven’t seen me lately, well, here is your big announcement.



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