Sawyer is Five!

25 Jul

Five years ago today, Sawyer was born.
Four years ago, Sawyer was severely underweight and not eating solid foods.Three years ago, Sawyer was speaking only a few words, had just recently master walking, was barely eating, was chronically constipated and in pain frequently.
Two years ago, Sawyer’s speech was incomprehensible to anyone other than close family members.
One year ago, Sawyer was working on properly using the word “I” instead of “me”, most people could understand him at least part of the time when he spoke, and he started riding his bike with no training wheels.
Yesterday, Sawyer said “I am hungry”. Most people can understand him when he speaks. He is still working on pronunciation and eating, but looking back, it is amazing how far he has come!

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

sawyer brightened


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