How sweet?

1 Feb

Yesterday Griffin, who is seven, asked me if he could go to his grandma’s house.  Aww, how sweet, I thought to myself.  “When would you like to go?”  “Maybe some weekend we could go” he said.  “Why do you want to go?” I asked thinking of all the nice reasons he might want to see his grandparents.  Maybe because last time they took the kids swimming?  Or because he loves to play with their two dogs?  Or he just misses them?  “Mom, I want to play with my quatle blatl*.”  “You want to do what??”  “My beyblade.  I want to play with my quatle blatl* beyblade.”

Great.  What a thoughtful kid I am raising.  This from the kid who has probably 20 beyblades and knows each one by name and their “special move”.  Ugh.  The marketing person who came up with this stuff was a genius.  Battling tops with interchangeable pieces.  Performance tips.  Power rings.  I don’t even know what the hell the rest of the pieces are supposed to be called, but I know I call them “God dammit” when I step on them.  And the icing on the cake is the animated TV show where the characters were originally drawn and voiced in Japan so the voice overs don’t really go with any of the mouth movements.  Fantastic.

*I made up the name of the beyblade because I swear when he starts talking about beyblades I hear the sound of adults talking on Charlie Brown…..


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