The Sixth Sense

8 Dec

And not the movie with that creepy Haley Joel Osment in it.  No, this sixth sense is much darker and more sinister.  The sixth sense of which I speak is the one owned by demonic little babies and children around the world.  The ability to sense the exact moment when a mother attempts to do any of the following:

  • 006Go to the bathroom
  • Eat food while still hot
  • Fall asleep/stay asleep
  • Engage in sexual activity of any sort
  • Answer a phone call
  • Take a shower
  • Accomplish a household task

Not only do they have the ability to sense these activities, they are able to torture their parents by interrupting with tears, poop, screams, and a variety of other heinous methods far worse than water boarding.  See that twinkle in their eye?  It isn’t the innocence of youth.  Don’t be fooled people.  It’s all just a deranged game to them.
What activity does your little one always interrupt?


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