The Best Toys of All Time….

5 Dec

For all of you merry shoppers, it can be hard to think of ideas for all those kiddos on your Christmas list this year.  I highly recommend this article.  (Thanks cousin Liz!)  The Five Best Toys of All Time.

I won’t spoil the whole list for you, but I will tell you it includes such classics as stick and box.  I have to say this article rang true with me because I swear my kids play with actual toys MAYBE an hour out of every day.  The rest of their time is occupied with playing with each other and random articles around the house.  We have entirely too many toys which drives me slightly insane since they rarely play with them.

I do think that the author left out one main category.  Critters.  At our house, they are a main source of amusement.


Sawyer and one of our tortoises, Olga or Boris.  Of course he has no clothes on.  Is that not normal?

6.  Critters

Critters come in three main varieties.

Pets, farm animals, and wildlife.  Pets are generally animals that live in the house and are hypothetically cared for by the child who convinced you to purchase them but realistically they are cared for by the parent.  Examples include cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, gerbils, and fish.  Word of caution- if you get a pet with a short life span, choose one that is easily replaced and/or flushed.

Farm animals are generally kept outdoors and have value as either some potential food source or as a power source for the farmer.  Examples include cows, pigs, horses, chickens, and sheep. They tend to be stinky and large.

Nora and a red bellied northern leaf snake.

Nora and a red bellied northern leaf snake.  No it won’t bite her.  I mean, really?  Even if it could bite her look how little it’s mouth is!

Wildlife is any animal that is native to your area that your child finds outdoors.  Examples include bugs, frogs, salamanders, snakes, deer, and squirrels.  Hopefully anything large or dangerous will be too quick for your child to catch.  If your child manages to catch something and talks you into bringing them into your house, chances are good that they will either get loose or die within hours of being captured.

Size, shape, and color of critters vary widely depending on species.  Activities include classics such as fetch and catching lightning bugs, utilitarian such as chores, carnivorous such as hunting, creative such as dressing your pet in doll clothes, morbid such as playing pet cemetery, professional such as playing veterinarian, the list could go on and on.

So this year when you go shopping, remember that less might just be more.  And consider some of these best toys of all time for the kids on your list!

What best toy of all time do you think the list missed?


Griffin and puppies. Dang he is handsome!  I guess the puppies are cute too.


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