Friday Top Five- How to get rid of that Halloween Candy…

2 Nov

I hate candy.  I mean, I love candy, but I hate it.  You understand, right?

Currently, we have piles of candy all over our house.  The kids unwrap something, taste it, decide they don’t like it, and then give it to me.  Gee, thanks.  Just what I wanted, a York Peppermint Patty with a bite out of it or a pre-slobbered Skittle.  Then there are the wrappers that appear to be allergic to the garbage can.  Instead they are strewn on the floor, piled on the table, and stuffed on the couch.

We only went Trick or Treating for an hour, but multiply that by three kids and you have too much candy.

So I’m starting a new series- Friday Top Five.  For today’s installment, I give you:

Top Five Ways to get rid of Halloween Candy

5.  Just let the kids eat it all

4.  Take it to work and put it out for others to eat

3.  Hide it when they aren’t looking and eat it yourself

2. Hide it and hand it out when you catch them doing something good

1.  Throw it away!

At our house we are doing a combination of 1, 3, and 5!
Happy Post-Halloween!


One Response to “Friday Top Five- How to get rid of that Halloween Candy…”

  1. laurenhessrambling November 8, 2012 at 9:24 am #

    we eat it every night after dinner.. if you eat all your dinner, you can eat candy. I know, terrible, but it gets rid of it. Although it used to be a free for all but now i have to limit it bc gavin puked in bed the other night haha

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