Cosmo- Saving women one word at a time…

19 Oct

Another post in a chain of EXTREMELY important and non political posts.  For today’s installment, I give you Cosmopolitan.  You know, the magazine that helps women achieve a highly actualized and fulfilling life.  With such relevant and socially important cover stories such as “How to Make Your Butt Look A-Maz-Ing” and “How to Drop the L Word Without Freaking Him Out”, and “Your Posture Can Eff With Your Mood”.

In this significant social piece Cosmo has the admirable goal of saving innocent women from liars by exposing the key words to look for.

This fantastic article is called “8 Words That Give a Liar Away“.  I couldn’t make this shit up.  This list of “words” includes the following:

8 words that give a liar away but

Yes Ma’am
By the way
Why would I do that?

I’m no expert, but I’m fairly confident that many of these words are quite frequently occurring in the English language.  Also, since when is “Why would I do that?”, “By the way” or “Yes Ma’am” a word?

Do people pay to read this crap?  Really?


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