Pick up a shovel with me

11 Oct

A political post of a different sort.  I don’t want you to hit any of the candidates with the shovel.  Surprised?

Me too.  I know some days it is hard not to get fired up or even angry.  But anger and vitriol serve no one.

Here is another shocker:

Your party is not right.  My party is not wrong.  It just isn’t that easy.  There are just different points of view.  I do not believe any of the candidates to be stupid although sometimes stupid things come out of their mouths.  I do not believe any of the candidates to be bad people, although I do not agree with all of their actions.

One of greatest thing about our country is that everyone has the right to think differently and speak accordingly.  I am honestly exhausted by the people who don’t want to discuss politics.  Isn’t that what we should be doing?  Political discourse is a wonderful thing!  People who do not have a position and a rationale for their line of thinking scare me.  Shouldn’t we be asking more questions instead of less?  Shouldn’t we be having more debates rather than fewer?  Shouldn’t we have more people passionate about the status of the country rather than less?

Have you ever spoken with someone of divergent political beliefs from your own?  And actually inquired about their thoughts?  Found out about their background?  Listened to why they held the beliefs that they did?  Spoken to a single mom about food stamps?  Talked to a nun about stem cell research?  Discussed abortion with a rape victim?  Talked to small business owners about taxes?  Spoken to a gay couple about gay marriage?  It expands the mind.  It increases understanding.  It creates compassion.

There isn’t a right and a wrong.  There are only points of view.

Now what?  Now take action.  Do something.  Take up a discussion with someone.  Learn about the issues.  Make your voice heard.  Vote.

Sometimes life dumps big piles of shit down on us from up above.  Are you going to be one of those people who sit next to that pile of poo and complains about how bad it smells?  Or are you going to start shoveling?

Pick up a shovel with me.


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