A Summer of Critters

11 Oct

My kids love animals. *insert sarcasm*  I’m not sure who they would have inherited that from. *end sarcasm* We seem to always have an endless parade of strange critters around here or normal critters, but in strange places or doing strange things.

Case in point:

We got some worms to go fishing with.  But Nora became obsessed with them and would hoard them in her den that she made out of blankets in the living room.  I found crunchy dried up worms that had wiggled off to hide all over the living room.

This baby mouse almost became dog food, but don’t fret, Sawyer snatched it up before the dogs could.  Only problem was it was almost impossible to get him to put it down.  Have you ever had to say to your kid “Put down the mouse next to your plate and go wash your hands so you can eat”?

Then there were the miscellaneous toads, frogs, tadpoles, and snakes.  This are pretty common around here.  Too many have met an untimely death.  The dog stuck her nose in the tadpole tank and scarfed them all down.  At least two snakes and two toads have gotten loose in our house this summer never to been seen or heard from again.  One can only assume the worst.  Perhaps it is lucky for the critters that fall is upon us which means most of these little guys will be hibernating far out of the reach of the little hands of this trio…..


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