At least I’m not cleaning toothpaste out of a vagina

22 Aug

Today has been one of those days.  It started last night really.  I’ve got a throbbing earache so off I went to the Urgent Care clinic after talking to the nurse adviser.  Bad choice #1.  Took the kids with me.  Figured it can’t be that bad, right?  Wrong.  Then dragged them to Wal-Mart to get my meds since everything else was closed.  Then through the drive through since it was almost 8 and they hadn’t been fed.  Then we came home and it took me two hours to get them to bed.  Yuck.

Today I’m trying to work.  The babysitter is normally here three days a week so I can work, but she is on vacation.  So instead I try to run into a bedroom and lock the door and pray that no one starts screaming while I make important phone calls.  So far Nora has peed on a chair and the floor and smeared shampoo all over herself and the bathroom.  I made some lunch for the kids but Sawyer informed me that he wasn’t hungry.  He had already eaten.  Dog food.  He is currently naked and splattered in mud.  I have no idea what from.  Griffin has camped out in my bed, watching cartoons on our TV.  When he does make his presence known, he is sassy and rude.  He threw crayons everywhere for no apparent reason.

But, at least I’m not cleaning toothpaste out of a vagina.  Or pulling 15 slivers out of a penis.  (Don’t ask.  Really.)

So we’ll call it a win.  Maybe tomorrow will be better?


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