What a difference a year makes…

29 Jul

Last week Sawyer turned 4!  It got me thinking about how much he has grown in the last year and the years before that too.

Happy Birthday Sawyer!  Born 7-25-2008.  7 lbs 8 oz and 21 in long.

Sawyer turns 1.  The first year of Sawyer’s life was pretty average, but around one year things got rougher.   This was a hard age for Sawyer.  He was struggling to eat solid foods.  He was not crawling.  He didn’t have any words.  He could barely make sounds besides crying and screaming, of which he did a lot.  He was frequently in pain and curled up in a ball on the floor.

15 mo.  Sawyer is enrolled in the Birth to Three program and starts therapy.  He crawls on one knee and one foot.  Still very few words.  He still doesn’t say mama.  Still not eating much.  Weight so low at this point that it is dangerous.  He’s about 80% for height and below 3% for weight.  Still frequently in pain.  We start a bevy of doctors appointments and see a nutritionist.

18 mo.  Sawyer is finally walking but hasn’t taken off like most kids do once they learn to walk.  Every step is still unsure.  He has learned some sign language in therapy has a few signs that he is making to communicate things like “more” and “eat” and “all done”.  More doctors appointments.  They wonder if he has celiac or some other gastrointestinal disease.  We go to the Children’s Hospital in Madison for some testing.  They put a tube down him and take tissue samples of his small intestine, stomach, and throat.

2 years.  The doctors have concluded that his issues are due to severe constipation so Sawyer takes Miralax on a daily basis to ensure that he has bowel movements regularly.  He’s walking and jumping and playing decently.  He says mama and dada and a few other words.  He is diagnosed with Speech Apraxia, a motor coordination issue with the mouth and tongue that makes it difficult for him to get his mouth to say what he wants it to.  He starts speech therapy.

3 years.  He has been peeing in the potty without issue for several months.  Still very skinny, but at least eats regularly.  Physically he is very active and more coordinated then he used to be.  He gets signed up to go to school for his speech therapy since he is too old for the Birth to Three Program.  When we wrote his goals for the school year they included “Use two-word phrases”.  He still struggles to get more than one word out at a time.  He is pretty hard to understand for someone unfamiliar with his speech.  He is still unable to pronounce many consonant sounds.

4 years.  He did a great job going to school.  He fit in very well with the 4 year olds he went to school with and makes friends easily.  Most people can understand him.  He can tell whole stories now and talks on and on.

“Look Mom! No training wheels! Or clothes!”

And, last week, I heard him go out the front door.  I left him play alone for a few minutes and then went out to check on him.  Apparently he decided to try to ride his bike with no training wheels.  And he did.  All by himself.  No one helped him at all.  The night before Jeff mentioned he thought Sawyer should try riding the bike with no training wheels so he did!  It was amazing and I am so proud of him!

And classic Sawyer, he did it naked.  Good thing we have no neighbors!


One Response to “What a difference a year makes…”

  1. Jennifer L. November 2, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

    Just a random thought, but you must save a ton of money on clothes. 😉

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