10 Jul

Did I seriously just hear you say that?  No way.  What the F????  What 5 year old asks that???

Our neighbors throw a huge 4th of July party every year.  We’re talking a half hour fireworks display, a 10 ft long sundae trough, and a 50 yard long slip and slide.  The kids always have a great time.  This year Nora and Sawyer turned into social butterflies and managed to find themselves a little boyfriend/girlfriend.  Nora, who just turned two, found herself a younger man who seemed to find her irresistible.  He kept trying to hug her but ended up pulling her down which resulted in her sitting in his lap.  This little guy was 15 mo old and probably had 5lbs on Nora.  He was about her same height.  It was pretty funny.  He loved her.  Nora, on the other hand, was having none of it.  She would just run off.  Or steal his glow bracelet.  I guess that is about how I can expect things to go for the next 16 years, right?

Sawyer unintentionally found himself a girlfriend too.  She meandered over by us during the fireworks and spent the next half hour taking turns pestering either myself or Sawyer.  She informed us that she was 5 and her name was Nevaeh.  Blah Blah Blah.  Did you know Blah Blah Blah?  I didn’t listen to half of what she said.  It was sorta like the teacher in Charlie Brown movies, “Wha wha wha wha.”  Sawyer basically ignored her too.  He was perfectly contented playing and watching the fireworks in peace.

Then came the doozy.  She comes over and asks me “Do you think he knows I don’t have any underwear on?”  What? I don’t even know what to say to that.  I think my eyes just got really big and I’m pretty sure I just said, “No”.

Strangest topic of discussion ever.

You know what would be fun?  Bring up totally random and inappropriate topics at your next dinner party.  I dare you to.  It’d be fun.


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