It’s what’s for dinner.

14 Apr

I’m recently reminded of a phase that Sawyer went through.  He was so thin he looked like Lindsey Lohan.  He was barely eating.  We tried every trick in the book to try to get some food into him.  He was on pediasure per doctor’s orders for a while because they were actually worried about his weight being so very low.  We saw nutritionists, pediatric gastroenterologist, and had a bevy of tests done to rule out all sorts of strange maladies.

But there is one thing that he just couldn’t get enough of for about a year and a half.  Here’s how it went.

Me:  “Sawyer, what are you doing outside?  Are you eating dog food?”
Sawyer:  Muffled grunting due to mouth full.
Me:  “Sawyer, you aren’t supposed to eat dog food”.

Five minutes later….
Me:  “Sawyer, are you supposed to be eating dog food?”
Sawyer:  “No”.
Me:  “Okay then, stop eating it!”

Five minutes later….
Me:  “SAWYER!  Get out of the dog food!”
Sawyer:  “Okay”.

Yuck.  I’m not sure what the draw is.  I guess it’s crunchy?
Sigh.  It sure did make his coat nice and shiny.


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