SAWYER!!!!! 2.0

14 Feb

He must be testing me.  About an hour after I finished scrubbing the purple sharpie marker of the wall from Sunday’s episode, I discovered a strange yellow liquid in this drawer:

Here the conversation that followed:

Me:  Sawyer what is this in the drawer?
Sawyer:  Apple juice.
Me:  This doesn’t smell like apple juice, it smells like pee.
Sawyer:  No pee, apple juice.
Me:  No, I think it’s pee.  How did pee get in this drawer?
Sawyer:  Nora did it.
Me:  Nora can’t reach that high.
Sawyer:  Yes.  Nora did it.
Me:  No, Nora did not do it.  Who did it?
Sawyer:  Dog do it.
Me:  No, the dog did not do it.
Sawyer:  Boris (our pet tortoise) did it.
Me:  He did not.
Sawyer:  Nora do it.
Me:  How did Nora do it?
Sawyer:  She pee up in it.
Me:  Nora is not that tall, she can’t pee up there.  You show me how she did it.
Sawyer:  She do like this- bigger, bigger, bigger.  Pee go in der.
Me:  No, I don’t think so Sawyer.  I think you did it.
Sawyer:  No, me no do it.

I was not amused.  He would not confess.  Perhaps he should be a politician some day.  Or lawyer.  He has already learned the first rule of either profession.  Deny, deny, deny.

Sigh.  He’s been on quite a roll lately.


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