A taste of what college will be like…

11 Feb

It’s that time of year it seems.  The time when the dreaded stomach flu starts going around.  Our household has been hit two times already this winter.  It’s never fun.  Tonight Jeff has the pukes.  I *think* he is the last one to get it.  Everyone else has already had it.  He was literally MOANING as he lay in bed.  Really?  The last time I had it, he had no sympathy for me.  He left me home on a Saturday with all three kids while I prayed to the porcelain goddess every hour or so for a good 14 hours straight.  Yes, apparently I needed kids hanging off me while I vomited profusely and clearly the bread and milk that we were out of could not wait.  So, yes, excuse me while I try to feign my sympathy for him.  At least I brought him some water.

I actually do feel bad for my kids when they get sick though.  I mean, the poor little buggers just look so pathetic.   Sometimes I wonder where it all keeps coming from.  I mean, it’s like that scene from the exorcist but it just goes on and on.

Yesterday Griffin threw up on the way home from school.  Right on the bus.  All over himself.  Worst day ever.  Then he woke up moaning and groaning (he takes after his dad I guess).  I ran in there and tried to get him out of bed.  He’s on the top bunk.  I’m 5’2″.  It’s not happening.  He had chocolate cake for dessert.  Don’t ask me how I know.

He threw up for quite a while.  I washed him up in the tub.  That smell is so repulsive.  Jeff changed his bedding while I stayed in the bathroom with him.  Then he went back in his bed.  A few minutes later he was up again.

Griffin's bed for the night

Segue to morning.  He says in a sleepy voice “Mom, why was I sleeping on the bathroom floor?”  He remembers nothing.


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