On a good day

2 Jan

I clean up more messes than most people on a bad day.  I was thinking we did really good today.  Then I started adding up all the messes I cleaned up.

  1. Nora decides Crispix looks good for breakfast so she pulls it out of the pantry and takes the lid off, spilling it all over the clean laundry next to the pantry.
  2. Nora is hungry for applesauce, so she uses her teeth to pierce the foil on the top of the applesauce cup.  Said applesauce then dribbles all over the floor.
  3. Sawyer wants mac n cheese.  Clearly it will taste better with lots of salt and pepper on it.
  4. Nora agrees that everything needs salt, so she dumps out the remainder of the salt in the shaker on the table.  Then she used a comb to rake it and push it around.  It was like one of those zen sand garden things.  Except all over the table and floor.
  5. Time for some markers.  Most of it made it on the paper, but Sawyer’s stomach and Nora’s feet were obviously too plain and calling out for decoration.
  6. Hmmm, what is that smell?  Does Nora have a poopy pants?  *Sniff*  Nope.  Where is that coming from?  Where is Sawyer?  The smell is coming from the bathroom.  There is the problem.  Sawyer had to poop, so he went into the bathroom and did his business on the floor.  Right in between the little potty and the big potty.
  7. Lastly, the poor cheese.  It appears some child has opened the block of cheese and gnawed it on all sides, then stuck it back in the fridge.

Somehow all this barely phases me.  Most of it just vacuumed right up.  Some got wiped up or thrown in the laundry, but I didn’t need to break out my carpet cleaner or google stain removal tips, so we’ll call it a win.



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