Who was watching your kids?

10 Dec

I’m not sure if my kids are just that gifted in the realm of mess making or if we are just lax parents.  People seem to be under the impression that our kids must be neglected in some way in order to get into the messes that they make.  Does this not happen to other people?

Never leave the flour within eye shot of your spawn.

It’s not that we ignore our kids.  But I do work from home.  The phone rings.  I need to get a estimate put together pronto for a job.  Or just regular mommy stuff, you know, sometimes even moms need to take a shower or pee.  And typically anytime I try to clean anything, that would be an ideal time for the kids to make some other mess.

I found Sawyer standing on the kitchen counter fully naked. In one hand he held a spoon full of flour and in the other a watering can full of water he was busy dumping on the floor.

While I don’t love cleaning up all the messes, I do love how creative my kids are.  They come up with stuff you never even dreamed of!  If that makes me a bad mom, oh well.  Someday we’ll get decent carpeting and nice furniture.  Maybe when the kids go to college.

Nora was also naked from the waist down. She was covered in flour from head to toe.


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