Tonight I am thankful for….

24 Nov

Fart humor.  What to do when your baby sister starts screaming 20 minutes from home and you are six years old?  Put your palms together, put them to your mouth, and blow, making copious fart noises.  Then say “Phew that stinks Sawyer” while waving your hand.  Then repeat fart noises.  “That’s disgusting.  I think I’m going to throw up”.  Giggles from your little sister.  Repeat fart noises, extra loud this time.  “Sawyer, I think a little poop came out with that one.  EWWWW!”.  More giggles from little sister.  Smiles and laughter from cranky little brother who was sleeping before little sister started crying.  Repeat fart noises, drawing out the length this time.  “Phew, I can’t believe you farted again!  How much gas do you have in there anyways?”

You get the picture.  And normally, fart humor can get annoying.  But tonight, I was glad my 6 year old had enough fart humor to last us the remainder of the 20 minutes we had left of our two hour drive.  Because listening to farting noises and silly giggles is certainly preferable to 20 minutes of crying.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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