16 Nov

Google Eyed Griffin

I just had this conversation with Griffin last night:
Griffin:  Mom, What’s your name?
Me:  What do you mean what’s my name?  You know my name.
Griffin:  No, it’s a joke.  What is your name?
Me:  Jana
Griffin:  Now say blows.
Me:  Blows.
Griffin:  What is the opposite of down?
Me:  Up.
Griffin:  Jana blows up!  Get it?
Me:  ?????

The other day Griffin runs over to me and touches me with his fingers crossed and says “Cheese Touch!”.   What does that even mean??

Jeff was talking to Griffin about why he needs to work hard in school so he can get smarter.
Griffin: But dad, I’m already smart.
Jeff:  Okay, what’s 7+2?
Griffin: 9
Jeff: What’s that capital of Wisconsin?
Griffin: W
Jeff:  Okay, you got me on that one.

Jeff and Griffin were looking at the fish finder on the boat.
Jeff:  Where do you think all the fish are?
Griffin: Maybe they’re at school!

Griffin: What’s a cat plus a fish?
Griffin: A catfish!

Constructions:  Griffin’s definition- instructions used to build something.  “Mom, I’m going to keep the constructions in case I need to re-build my lego car”.

We'd only leave him like this for a few hours....

In the tub trying to wash his hair.  “Mom, I don’t want any air conditioner”.

Jeff:  Actually, I need you to go get your backpack.
Griffin:  Did you just call me actually?
This was Griffin’s favorite line from ages 4 to 5.  I suppose we say actually too often?

Playing tag with his dad- Griffin: You can’t tag me, I’m on T.
On T?  What does that mean?  I guess it’s like a time out?  Who knows.


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