MISSING: One snake

19 Sep

Goes by the name: “My ‘Nake”.

Last seen:  Bucket in living room

"My 'Nake"

Perhaps this is a good thing?  The snake can take care of the minor mouse problem we have every winter?

This poor snake has been through the ringer.  Sawyer insisted that it ride along in the van while Jeff ran errands with the kids.   It rode in the back of Sawyer’s monster truck.  Nora squeezed it.  Sawyer kissed it.  Sawyer tried to feed it pretzels.  Sawyer put it in a cooler.  Nora crawled in the bucket with it.  All and all, it was a pretty tolerant little snake.  I hope it finds its way back outside though!!!


One Response to “MISSING: One snake”

  1. Sonya September 28, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    I assumed in earlier story his pet was a STUFFED snake! Realizing it is a REAL snake just blew my socks off (with Nora!) Wow. what can I say??

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