If your child dumps….

14 Sep

An entire bottle of gentian violet on the carpet and then tracks through it leaving little purple foot prints, rubbing alcohol will get it out.

If the whole bottle gets dumped out, you’ll probably need 4-5 bottles of rubbing alcohol to get it all out.

This is the carper AFTER 2 bottles of rubbing alcohol

You may need to send your dh out to get more.

You’ll need several dark towels or rags to blot between alcohol rinses.

Jumping up and down on the towels to blot is great excercise, but you’ll probably want to put a bra on, especially if your boobs are 3x normal size since you are nursing.

Putting on the bra makes you remember that it’s time to feed your baby and you settle in for a relaxing feeding.

Seeing you feed the baby makes Sawyer remember the times when you put that cool purple stuff on your boobies and he runs to find the stuff so he can help mommy.

What Sawyer's foot looked like afterwards. Did I mention he was wearing socks? They got tossed in the trash.

*Disclaimer*  Don’t feel too badly for me, this actually happened about a year ago.  And, believe it or not, I did get all the purple out eventually.


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