What the HELL did Sawyer do now?

13 Sep

I thought to myself as I heard a flood of water cascading down from the ceiling as I worked in the basement.  That’s the first, most logical thought, right?  I ran to go see where the water was coming from so I could stop it.  It was pouring into the storage room running over the top of the fluorescent light, and ponding right next to the furnace, which also happens to be right where the puppies are.  There were bubbles in the water.  What has this child managed to do?  We hired a nanny to watch him part time so I could actually accomplish some work without my house ending up in tatters.  He must have flooded the tub or the sink with soap and water.

I ran upstairs to find no child anywhere in sight.  They were playing nicely outside.  Instead of my child being the culprit, it appears that the dogs are to blame.  I’m quite sure that dog hair has clogged the washing machine causing the water to back up all over the house.  I was washing the puppies’ bedding which is always coated with hair.  Now what?  Jeff is gone for work for a few more days.  I can not make it until he gets home with no washing machine.  My puppies have no bedding.  I’m not worried about the kids being clothed, just the puppies.  As I was pondering who might be able to remedy this I thought of our friend Dave.  He must be psychic because he called me not 5 minutes later.  Uncle Dave to the rescue!!!


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