Gender Differences

2 Sep

Nora got a new pair of shoes the other day and she was parading around so proudly in them.  I was thinking to myself, “Wow, little girls are so different from little boys”.  I never realized that such a difference would be noticeable so young.  Griffin was never into shoes or clothes or digging into my makeup like Nora does.

Or then there was the time when we had Jeff’s side of the family over and Nora dug a pair of my panties out of the laundry basket, put them on and paraded around whilst I was busy entertaining people.  Wait, who am I kidding, she was the entertaining one!


Look, I mean she even coordinated her outfit!








Then it dawned on me that Sawyer spent the better part of the afternoon wearing Nora’s brand new purple sandals.  He’s always loved to dress up in my shoes and play in my makeup.

Perhaps he’ll be the new version of KISS?

I’m not sure what his affinity for shoes and makeup says about his future.  He surely is a character though, and I’m certain that is something that will never change!


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