23 Aug

My lovely husband doesn’t really understand this whole online thing that I do.  Online friends?  Strange.  Blog?  What is that all about?

When I told him I started a blog, he was like, HUH?  I don’t know if he even knew what a blog was really.  I sent him a link inviting him to view my blog.  A day later, I asked him if he had looked at it yet.  Nope.  So then he pulled out his blackberry and looked it up.  I was waiting to hear his response.  Maybe something like, “Wow dear, that is really cool” or “I love your page layout, it looks great” or “Your writing is really funny”.  Nope.

What response did I get?

“Where am I on your blog?”  Hmm, the name of the blog is Mediocre Mom of Three Severely Average Kids.  Don’t you think that Mediocre Mom of Three Severely Average Kids and Married to an Unexceptional Husband is a bit long?

So here is my handsome, intelligent, wonderful spouse, Jeff.  *Removes nose from husband’s ass*  Love you dear!

Now, lets see how long it takes him to actually notice this post.  Anyone want to take bets???  I’ll give him 2 weeks before he replies.


One Response to “Jeff”

  1. ginger August 24, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    i say the NEXT time he looks at your blog might be the next time you tell him to. lol so could be a REALLY long time

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